We believe in providing the right services to meet our clients' real needs.

Often, this requires a detailed and thorough analysis to determine the needs, issues, problems or concerns that matter to a client's organizational success. Thoroughness and accuracy are coupled with workable, practical strategies.

The industry experience of our team of risk professionals transcends a broad spectrum of industries:

Financial Services sector


Infrastructure & Construction Projects
Power & Utilities

Banking – retail, merchant & investment, securities/equity and insurance.
Satellite operators & communications provider, fixed line, mobile operators and broadcasting.
Ports, light & express rail systems and toll roads.
Automotive, medical & healthcare and semiconductors.
Power generation, transmission & distribution, hydro and independent power producers.

Esperanza focuses on two core services:



Corporations today, large and small are faced with different and difficult challenges in the conduct of their day-to-day business activities. It is imperative to protect the shareholder and market value of organizations through clear risk mitigation plans.

Governments and regulators now impose stringent framework of conducting business to safeguard the interest of the public and the nation’s economic wellbeing which requires a very specific need to have a greater focus and understanding of the business risks enterprise wide.

Esperanza has the expertise and experience to assist our clients to consolidate and develop a workable enterprise risk framework.

Benefits of a Risk Management strategy:

  • Gain a better understanding of risks across functions & business units
  • Use risk as a competitive edge
  • Safeguard against earnings related surprises
  • Respond effectively to low-probability catastrophic risks
  • Gain costs savings by managing internal resources and capital more efficiently

A Risk Management program will improve two key business metrics of P/E ratio and cost of capital as there is a fundamental link between better risk management and shareholder value.

The methodology applied are:

  • an overall review of the enterprise wide risks
  • a more specific business divisional risks review
  • a gap analysis
  • a clear & practical implementation, & integration of risk management processes.


In extending the ERM services to our clients, a specific risk management tool to a problem is risk and insurance solutions. The effective and efficient utilisation of capital and financial resources for insurance solutions must be constantly monitored.

Our insurance advisory services focuses on:

  • Risk & insurance governance framework
  • Independent insurance program review
  • Independent insurance service provider reviews
  • Independent claims & loss incident reviews